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Oops Late Again Saturday Funday Freebie

You’e heard the saying “Better late then never!” right?

Well its the story of me lately.

I am late here with your late Saturday Funday Freebie

But I am here, none-the-less!

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I am still behind in my SFF’s but I won’t be for long!


Beat Google!

Google are at it again, they have rolled out an update, and this time affiliate links are being targeted…

Can you imagine how long it would take to go back and update ALL the links on ALL your existing content? :-O



Probably weeks…

Or you can get WP Link Fixer to do it all for you on the fly!

And with the commercial unlimited site license included for the launch, you can use it on clients sites and charge them for the fix that takes you moments to do!

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Make your sites Google Spam Link Compliant.


Do You Like to Tell Stories?

Listen, it is hard to come up with new stories every days for your emails, etc.

How about an easy fill in the blanks software (web based) that will do it for you?

Look no further! It’s right here!

Introducing Storiist!


Joke of the Day!

Thanks But No Thanks

“I’m ashamed of you,” the mother said. “Fighting with your best friend is a terrible thing to do!”

“He threw a rock at me!” the boy said. “So I threw one at him.”

The mother said, “When he threw a rock at you, you should have come to me.”

“Thanks, Mom,” the boy replied. “But my aim is much better than yours.”

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