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Breakthrough FPT

Dear Frustrated Beginner,

Are you worried half of 2021 has practically over & you’re still stuck?

Were you secretly hoping you'd have cracked the code by now?

If you answered YES, then give a listen...

First, the year is not quite over yet!

And second, it's simply not your fault!

It’s Not Your Fault If You’re:


The market is rigged to keep you confused!

Lost and Confused?

Sure you are!

Well... They want you to never break through...


...If you had a breakthrough

If you got results...

If you discovered how to get traffic...

...That turns into success for you...

Then you wouldn’t need to buy their products anymore...

Which means they wouldn’t make ANY money...

They’re Keeping You Stuck...

On Purpose & By Design!

They crank out all these “amazing” apps & training programs...

The ones that:

Don’t Work...

Offer No Support...

​Promise You The World...

​Way Under Deliver...

​Look Shiny and Attractive...

Don’t make anybody rich… Other than vendors of course...

It's a Vicious Cycle...

They Offer You Get Rich Quick. But Not Me!

I Want To Give It To You Straight Up!

So You Can Get Results Like I Did...

(Real Genuine Results...)

Results, so that you too can stop:

​Living in Doubt...
Worrying & Stressing...
Trying and Failing...
Wanting to Give Up...

The formula is simple… 

And you CAN DO this, really!

How Can You Breakthrough?

In a short time, like I did...

(You've already found the solution here)

You simply need to give people what they want...

You do that with your Facebook page...

For Example… 

People want to lose weight...

Create a "Lose Weight" Facebook page...

People want to learn how to make money online...

Create an "MMO" Facebook page...

People want to plan thier vacation...

Create an "Fun Vacations" Facebook page...

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

My Page: Recent Stats

Let Me Teach You How You Can Do This Too!


(Facebook Pages Traffic)

Some of What You'll Learn...

How to choose the right niche... this is extremely important (find it on page 9).

How to generate buzz about your page (page 17). 

The type of content you should post that will make your readers react, comment and share (page 19).

The Do's and Don'ts of posting to your Facebook page (page 21).

How to boost your Facebook page the right way (page 34).

How to boost your posts and reach more audience in record time without issues (page 45).

Hello. My name is James Sancimino

Today, I’ll show you practical steps you can use to turn your passion (and/or business) into a targeted traffic magnet on Facebook, with people looking for and loving your daily quality content!

I originally started my Facebook page, 'We Love Cats Forever', for fun and also because I love cats! My wife and I have 8 of them! They are our PASSION!

I had no idea, at the time, that it would become the high traffic, high interaction page that it is now. Then I learned a few things about the right way to run a Facebook page and it took off!

Here’s Some Interesting Traffic Facts*:

1.79 billion users visit Facebook daily...
Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the world...
2.89 billion monthly active users...
54,977 Posts Every Second...
Average US adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook...

But Let's Face It!
When It Comes to Creating Facebook pages...

You can spend hours gathering information, only to find yourself frustrated and confused and even bewildered about how to put it all together.  You may be wondering...

What niche do I choose?

How do I get people to find my page who are interested in my niche?

Do I buy traffic or do I just try to get it organically?

How do I find great content for my FB page?

What's the do's and don't's of posting to my FB page?

How do I boost a post and when should I do that?

But I have the answers to your questions!

Watch the DEMO

What YOU WON'T NEED to SUCCEED here...

Previous experience
Fancy writing skills
A website
Lots of cash
Any software
Anything else to buy
Fancy tech or tech experience

What are Others Saying?

Here are some folks who reccommend Breakthrough FPT.

Joni Toikkanen

Breakthrough FPT eBook is a comprehensive guide on creating and building a following for your Facebook pages. Easy, step-by-step instructions with multiple example images help you build your Facebook following even if you are a complete beginner. The biggest takeaway for me was how to evaluate your niche market value ( page 12.)

I can recommend Breakthrough FPT for everyone who wants to learn about building successful Facebook pages for their business.

James created a very handy resource with Breakthrough FPT.  He goes into a lot of detail and I like the fact that he shows what is working for him.  I'm definitely keeping it handy for future reference. There is a lot of useful information in the guide but I find his tips on 'What to Post' and 'What Not To Post' especially helpful.  His explanation of the different types of Calls to Action is also very valuable.

Anyone looking to increase traffic and revenue with Facebook Pages will definitely benefit from getting a copy.

Marlene Roberson,

George Nieves, Digital Renegade

Get all the traffic you can handle, plus a great deal more. All this is possible with Breakthrough FPT. In this, James tackles an issue that plagues many marketers out there. James will teach you how to break through all the traffic barriers you may have on Facebook. I even learned a thing or two. Pick this up, as you won't be disappointed.

Big George approved.

Think it Would Be helpful to have Someone showing you every step of the Way?

Someone that can eliminate Weeks or months of struggle and wasted energy?

Say YES, and in a short time from now you'll have your Facebook page up and running! Attracting a steady flow of targeted traffic: people who will like, react, share & interact with your page and posts, daily, as you watch your Facebook page popularity grow!

Breakthrough FPT has 6 chapters of Instruction Including:

Detailed PDF Training

Step-by-Step Video Training

Checklist To Keep Track

This doesn't only work for my Facebook Cat Page!


people reached!





This doesn't ONLY work for Cat Memes, either...

It works for your Facebook niche or business page, too!

Recent Posts With Results From My Page

This was all from Organic Reach. I didn't pay to boost any of these posts.

In Breakthrough FPT
I Will Teach You How to Get Results Like This


Bonus #1

The Traffic Anatomy

VALUE: $ 27

Uncovers the truth about traffic! 

The good traffic and the bad traffic.

Learn why not all traffic you get can be good, and that MOST traffic can actually hurts your business, and about creating your sales page.

Bonus #2

Ways to Create Content

VALUE: $ 27

Information marketing is all about gathering information and then putting it in nice, neat little pile.

Learn about the many different content formats that you can generate for your website, to satisfy your readers.

Bonus #3

Video Production

VALUE: $ 27

There are two things that you can no longer avoid when it comes to your online marketing business, and those are mobile devices and web video.

Learn why these two are so important for your business.

Bonus #4

Marketing Mindset

VALUE: $ 27

When it comes to internet marketing it's important to have a marketing mindset.

Here, we'll discuss how important mindset is to be successful not only in internet marketing but in all walks of life.

Bonus #5

Crafting Subject Lines

VALUE: $ 27

Subject lines are another aspect of the funnel that often get overlooked because it's literally at the beginning.

A subject line that stands out is going to get more opens, that's where the whole process begins.

Secure Your Access to the Training & Bonuses Now

A Message from James

You don't have to invest in the Breakthrough FPT.
You can possibly find all the information on your own.
You can certainly try to attempt creating a Facebook page, yourself, do all the research and figure out a lot of what I teach you in this course...


However, if and when you have the information, will you know how to use it 


Look at it this way. You can approach a combination lock with all the correct numbers, but how many tries might it take you WITHOUT the correct number sequence you need to open that lock?

Quite a few, I'm afraid!

With the right sequense of steps this course can give, you can "open that lock" the first time, saving you a lot of time and frustration. 

PLUS... As I’ve always done, each person that comes in contact with me will also have access to my help until they can stand on their own.

Click The Add to Cart Button RIGHT NOW And Let's Get Started!

More of What Others are Saying...

What a great product, I have 2 Facebook pages myself and thanks to Breakthrough FPT I have some great ideas on how to promote my pages and increase my traffic. I also I have never tried Paid advertising as I always assumed it would cost to much and wondered whether it would be worthwhile. After reading Breakthrough FP T this is something I will definitely be using over and over.

The report is packed with information and is easy to follow definitely a good buy.

anton lomax

Anton Lomax,

Randy Smith,

Thanks for allowing me to review your Breakthrough FB package.

With the step by step details you mention, it does make it a lot easier for anyone to fully understand everything they can do with Facebook Pages, and how to implement it all.

And any advantage we can recommend to our readers is always helpful 🙂 Having a Facebook page is one thing, but many don't know how to consistently generate profits from it.

So it's definitely a skill that is required these days!

I just finished reading BREAKTHROUGH FPT but for the third time!!!

There is so much solid helpful and even over the shoulder case studies about using Facebook effectively to add to YOUR bottom line. 

James has created a solid guide to empower you to use Facebook to effectively engage your prospects and customers, building rapport with your audience so that they will know, like and trust YOU as a valuable source of information, making them more likely to buy one or more of your products.

Don’t keep thinking about it, take ACTION and get this essential guide now.

David Whitfield,

So Why Do You Need a Facebook Page?

Before I answer that...

I want to ask you...

In order to get traffic, do people have to find you?


Can people find you on Facebook?


Can these same people follow you on Facebook?


Can this lead to a large following on Facebook?


Can this all be done with a Facebook page?


I believe you answered the question!

So Why Do You Need a Facebook Page?

Before I answer that...

I want to ask you...

In order to get traffic, do people have to find you?


Can people find you on Facebook?


Can these same people follow you on Facebook?


Can this lead to a large following on Facebook?


Can this this all be done with a Facebook page?


I believe you answered the question!

There's ZERO-RISK To You With My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You are About to Embark on the Great Journey Called Facebook Pages!

Breakthrough FPT

See what Another IM Expert Is Saying About Breakthrough FPT

John Thornhill ,

If you're looking to start a Facebook page or want to revitalize an already dead one then I can highly recommend James's program. James has covered everything you need to know from the step by step PDF and video training, along with the many example screenshots and resources at your fingertips. In my opinion Breakthrough FPT is all you need to create a highly popular Facebook page that gets targeted, interactive traffic, daily. I highly recommend it!

Are You Still on the Fence?

(You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take...)

Do I need special skills?

Not at all. I give you everything you need to create, grow, and maintain a popular Facebook page and help you to get targeted traffic to it, daily.

Do I need expensive software and/or tools?

No. There is no need for any software or tools. Just an internet connection and a computer to work from.

Is there anything else to buy?

No. Everything you need is in Breakthrough Facebook Pages Traffic for one low price.

What if I get stuck and need help?

If at any time you are ust contact me, James Sancimino, and I will be happy to help you get unstuck!

Is there step by step training?

Yes. Both in the PDF and the videos, I take you through the whole process, step by step.

Do I need to advertise to drive traffic?

No. At first, I show you how to get organic traffic. Then I show you how to boost your page and post, only after it's getting good organic traffic, already.

I'm not a writer, how do I post good content?

I show you exactly how to do this and give you resources and examples to help you accomplish this.

How do I grab a copy?

Click the Button below now…

Secure Your Access to Breakthrough FPT Now!

James and the Cats Thank You!

*According to Smperth Facebook Statistics for 2021

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