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Discover How To Start, Launch and Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business

Facebook Groups Can Completely Change the Way Your Followers See Your Brand

And Most Businesses Ignore Them!

What if I told you that you were currently ignoring the biggest and most powerful social media marketing tool there is?

So many businesses, that are keen to promote their brands on Facebook, will focus purely on Facebook pages.

while that's a Good thing to do, Facebook groups are the next step up to what allows a business go from being
a small fish in a big pond, to a giant heavy hitter.

Facebook groups are used by over one billion people,
but that isn’t the reason they’re so powerful and important.

The reason? Engagement.

Facebook groups are more intimate, they are more personal,
and they tend to attract only your die hard fans.

What Would You Do With a Group of Highly Engaged Fans?

Imagine having a group of highly engaged customers.

People that love your brand and that want to learn everything there is to know about it.

People that don’t get enough of your content from your blog or Facebook page, and who want to spend more time discussing your industry with like-minded fans.

In other words, you are building a community. A community that can support and buoy your company, and help to elevate it past the other stuffy businesses in your niche.

A Tribe of Die-Hard Fans!

That’s what really makes the difference for businesses, because those fans become ‘brand ambassadors’.

They won’t only read and react to everything you post,
they won’t only buy your new products.
they’ll also be your biggest advocates and marketers.

Because they BELIEVE in the message you are selling.

Facebook groups allow you to do this, by offering a secluded place for people who want more of your content to discuss matters relating to your business.
You’ll be able to speak to those most loyal fans directly, and build the kind of relationship that translates to true brand loyalty.

And they’re HIGHLY monetizable.

But while this option is available to you, it’s something that most businesses have no idea how to accomplish. Most businesses that try their hand at Facebook groups will find that they spend a lot of time posting content to groups that provide no real value.

They flounder without a clear message or clear reason for people to join their groups. Ultimately, the time they invest is worthless and they get NOTHING from the experience.

Groups work differently from blogs and other forms of content marketing. They work differently from Facebook pages even! And that’s why they need a completely different approach.

The good news is, I will show you how you can get started, Beginning today.


Learn precisely the steps and methods to starting and launching your very own Facebook group, and will see how to make your new community thrive in ways that you could only imagine.
Discover the secret sauce that makes a successful Facebook group versus an unsuccessful one, you’ll learn about entirely new ways to use groups and reach your audience, and you’ll be able to start seeing the results in DAYS.
Learn to create a Facebook group by following step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can follow and understand.
Avoid common mistakes by choosing the right settings, description, photo, and more.
Discover how to create a private, exclusive community that will MASSIVELY increase your engagement.
Learn advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories.
Understand the core business concepts that drive the success of Facebook groups and make them so valuable.
Integrate your Facebook groups marketing strategy with your broader campaign – combine a Facebook group with your Facebook group, blog, and other social accounts and see CRAZY growth.
See how to generate buzz and excitement in your group and create a real sense of community and value for its members.
Learn the other uses for Facebook groups, from internal discussion tools, to powerful online learning platforms.
And MUCH more...

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