The Skeeter Bites from HELL!…

My wife Leah and I went to Crane’s Run Nature Park on Memorial Day, near the Little Miami River. It’s only about 10 minutes from where we live. We decide to walk the northern direction, opposite of the direction we usually walk. It was great to see this area of the park for the first time.

We walked about 1.5 miles. On the way back, Leah spotted a small man-made path to the river edge. We decided to walk it to the river.

Anyways, unbeknownst to me. I got two “Skeeter bites” on my neck while we were there. Not a big deal, so I thought, ‘cuz my body seems to be immune to skeeter bites and the bites disappear on me pretty much the next day.

But NOT these bites! Somehow they got infected with fungus and I have been dealing 4 red blotches of various sizes (it spread in the general area) since June 1st! They don’t itch much but they are a nuisance!

Anyways, I’ve been treating them with an antifungal I got from a skin doctor last year and they seem to be fading gradually. YUCK!!! I hate it, none-the-less!

The “Spring Thing” Business EXPO, better late than never…

Leah and I went yesterday to our Local Springboro business EXPO. It was cancelled last year because of the dreaded covid, and postponed form its usual annual early March date, this year. So it was finally yesterday. We feel it was the best one ever.

Just LOOK at this haul of FREE STUFF we got!

And here’s Leah posing pretty with the local Christian Business Mascot (at the High School where the EXPO takes place).

This was was so much fun. We brought our address labels (saves on hand cramp) and signed up for close to 120 contests! And no skeeters got me, this time! LOL!

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