I started working on Breakthrough FPT (Facebook Pages Traffic) since mid 2020. It has been a good distration from all this crazy Covid stuff. Now, I am happy to announce, after more than 8 months, 2 funnel revisions, about 40 plus videos and my own blood, sweat, and tears, that my launch is definately on! It happens on May 25th, 2021! If you’d like more info about the launch, go to this JV page.

Though I have been working on this product for some time, the Facebook page called “We Love Cats Forever” that I based my results and success on has been lve since 2017. At first I just created it for fun and becuase I love cats! Then, as I mention in the sales page for this product, I decided to post some funny memmes and they went viral. Now, I understand that cat memes are one of the easier things to make go viral, but I have since learned many other ways to pupularize and drive targeted traffic to my (or any) Facebook page. I show the buyer of the product all this and more. I also make it easy to learn and put into action.

Breakthrough FPT had 4 products in the funnel, total. Here is the sales page PREVIEW

Breakthrough FPT – Main Product – This is a truly AWESOME offer, with 6 chapters and 12 videos of step-by-step detailed instruction.
Breakthrough FPT DFY – OTO1 – This is the Front End product Done for You. I supply it all to help you get-er-done FAST.
Breakthrough FPT Reseller – OTO2 – This is for you to resell the Breakthrough FPT Funnel and keep 100% profits!
Breakthrough FPT Super Groups – OTO3 – Now that you will learn how to create a high traffic FB page, why not see how easy it can be to start a FB group? I have added bonuses for every level of product and a few membership surprises, too.

Now, I must give credit to John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success program. This is a step by step proccess that anyone can learn to launch thier own product on WarriorPlus, JVZoo or Clickbank from start to finish. I say anyone because John covers it all from soup to nuts, and makes it easy to follow. If you are in any way serious about getting into the IM profitable world through launching your own product and becoming an affiliate of other launches, this is a no-brainer to join!

I must say I am excited about this upcoming launch on May 25th, 2021 and once again, i invite you to promote this if you are an affiliate that can send me some folks who really want to learn the best way to create a lasting, successful, high targeted traffic Facebook page! I belive they will love you for it! See you at the launch!

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