It was 1974. I was 14. That year HAD to be my best 4th of July celebration to date (at least as a kid)!

But let’s go back about a month before…

My father had a niece (who was a bit NUTZO but ain’t we all?) but we loved her, none the less.

Her name was Anne.

Anne had a boyfriend (or so she said he was), at the time, who sold illegal fireworks.

In NYC in 1974, everything but sparklers were ILLEGAL!

He didn’t care, obviously. He was making a killing selling the stuff! LOL!

So that year, Anne brought him over to visit with us. As every good salesman would, he brought his “works” collection, part of it anyway, with him.

I don’t know how, (too long ago to remember those details) but he wound up selling some roman candles, flying saucers, matts of fireworks, bottle rockets, GIANT long 10-minute sparklers, and more great stuff, to my dad. This happened a few times when he came over, in June of that year (sometimes even without Anne) to visit us.

So, I had a crap-load of July 4th “ammo” to bring to my aunt Rose’s house, that July 4th.

Talk about perfect timing…(to be continued)

That happened to be the year my aunt decided to have a big July 4th celebration at her house off of Cropsey Avenue in Coney Island, NY!

My cousin, Sal, decided, that year, to build a mini fort with toy soldiers within the space between the brand new wall built to divide my aunt’s house and the brand new apartment complex going in a few feet away. The foundation to the building was about 10 or feet from this new wall.

See the image below of where that wall was…

So Sal built this super cool fort (wish I had photos to show you). At about 8pm, on that July 4th, a bunch of us guys, with hand fills of firework (salutes they called them) sat on that wall above the fort. We spent what had to be close to an hour lighting and throwing those fireworks into the fort. My cousin had tanks set up, toy soldiers (with red paint on them) and a slew of other stuff. He was a pyrotechnic genius that year! It was the most fun I ever had on 4th of July (to this day). Though I have has some pretty great 4th of July’s, since then.

Oh yeah, back to perfect timing…

Of everyone at my aunt’s house that day, I was the only kid with about 7 different types of fireworks! Because of my father’s buying them al for me that year from Anne’s boyfriend!

I even heard one of my cousin Sal’s friends, Leo, say “Wow, that kid’s got everything!” as I was lighting up a big rocket, about to drop it into an upright sewer pipe (that was going to be used in the new construction) after I lit the fuse!

Come to think of it, Anne was always trying to hit my dad up for cash when she would visit.

So I wonder if that “boyfriend” guy selling all the fireworks, a month before July 4 holiday, was just an agreement she had with him, to split the fireworks sales profits, (to ultimately get money from my dad without him even knowing it)?!

Well, thats to dang long ago and I will NEVER be able to prove that so ….. who cares?

That July 4th, 1974 was my best one as a kid, and STILL ranks really high for me, up as an adult, to this day!

My aunt’s house seemed so much bigger, back then (here is what it looks like today on Google maps)…


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