Yesterday was a tiring day for me.

Ever hear of clover (all over)?

Have been annoyed by the stuff growing all over my front and back yards for weeks now.
Finally got around to treating my lawn.

Had to lock Milo (my indoor/outdoor kitty) in my garage for almost 3 hours until the stuff dried enough for it to be safe for him to walk on.

He was NOT a happy cat!

Glad that is done (and I have been watching the clover blooms shrivel up and die) and the stuff is working.

It took me a long time to decide to do that! First, becuase of Milo, second because of I hate (killer) chemicals!

I finaly had no choice because the clover had reached almost the whole yard and I am allergic to bee stings! 🐝🐝🐝

Great New Software App!

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Cat Meme of the Day…

Joke of the Day…

That’s Discrimination

My mother and father were driving when she was pulled over by the police. Mom was in a hurry and told the officer so.

β€œI understand ma’am,” he said. β€œBut I have to ticket anyone over 55.”

Mom was beside herself. β€œThat’s discrimination!” she shouted.

The officer explained calmly, β€œMa’am, I meant the speed limit.”

Until next time…