Hard to believe because I have been working on this project for so long. Yet, the day is finally here! It was actually yesterday that my product Breakthrough FPT (Facebook Pages Traffic) launched for the first time.

I have a funny contest happening for the affiliates (aka JV’s) to win prizes and claim bragging rights. Since my product is based on the results I have gotten for my Facebook page, We Love Cats Forever, I decided to make all the contest prizes about cats! So I am broadcating on certain Facebook groups I am in the contest standings as they progress throughout this launch week. Here is an example screenshot below.

Here are some features…

Some key things I love about this product:

✅ How to choose the right niche… this is extremely important (find it on page 9).

✅ How to generate buzz about your page (page 17).

✅ The type of content you should post that will make your readers react, comment and share (page 19).

✅ The Do’s and Don’ts of posting to your Facebook page (page 21).

✅ How to boost your Facebook page the right way (page 34).

✅ How to boost your posts and reach more audience in record time without issues (page 45). Thats just a few of the PDF pages.

There’s is a full set of 12 step by step videos that come with the MEMBERSHIP at no extra charge.

I started my own Facebook page We Love Cats Forever for fun. I never dreamed it would be the success it is now. I taught myself how to do that. In this ebook and video course, I teach you the same (in record time).

And you do not need:

❌ Previous experience

❌ Fancy writing skills

❌ A website

❌ Lots of cash

❌ Any software

❌ Anything else to buy

❌ Fancy tech or tech experience

So please take a look here.

Isn’t it time you had a FB page that many will adore and love you for?

Here are the bonuses…