Let’s see. Where do I begin to share with you my disasterous doh moment? Why at the beginning, of course!

To start, I did my first launch of my digital product on Warrior Plus, Breakthrough FPT, back in May. It was fairly successful. Not as much as I had hoped, but successful. So I decided to re-launch it in September on JVZoo. I figured I would make some changes to the sales pages to get more sales. Little did I know a big “doh” was lurcking in the near distance!

I have had the same hosting service from HostGator for about 7 years now. It’s an older server, but it wasn’t giving me any noticable problems with loading my website, until the day I launched Breakthrough! The site was loading so slow, it was killing sales! The timing could NOT have been worse!

Now here is my doh moment! Way back in January of this year, I had purchased a new hosting service called D9 Hosting at the recommendation of my mentor, John Thorhill. Its a realy great service thus far. Support is quick to respond and its been 99% up since I started with them. I moved some of my other websites to that server. I neglected to move my breakthrough.site. My doh movement! Don’t ask me why I never moved my most important website. I can’t explain it. Just a doh moment!

They say, “You can’t cry over spilt milk!” Needless to say, this blunder destroyed my re-launch of Breakthrough FPT! All the jv’s who were going to promote it went onto other launches. So I will just lick my wounds and move on. What bugs me, beside the doh moment, is that I spent real quality time updating my sales pages to try to make more sales. All that work is now not even being seen by as many as I had hoped it would!

Hey, I am not whining, I am just sharing this doh moment with you!

If you’d like to check out my product, please go here: https://breakthrough.site/fptz/

Well because I was so busy last week with trying to get my sales pages udated before the launch, I didn’t ever find the time to get you your Saturday Funday Freebie! So here it is (enjoy):


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