What are you passionate about?

Have you ever thought about turning that passion into a Facebook page? Whether or not you have, it might benefit you to read on.

Let me tell you my story. I started my Facebook page, We Love Cats Forever, in 2017, because I love cats. At first, I didn’t know much about Facebook pages and how to grow their popularity. I just wanted to share my love of cats with others and I figured this would be a good way to do it.
The page didn’t get too many followers or likes at first. But then I found, as I kept sharing funny cat memes and photos and a few articles about cats here and there, the page started to rack up the likes and followers more quickly! So, I started to search how I could make the page even more popular, on a steadier basis. Let me show you what I found and how I used that knowledge to achieve my goal.

By the way, I certainly have not plateaued by any stretch of the imagination. I plan to take this page as high on the success ladder as I can in the next few months and even years.

So, why should anyone take the time to create a Facebook page and promote it, in the first place?

Here are two great reasons.

First is reach. Facebook is huge, with 1.65 billion active users worldwide with 1.09 billion logging in daily (as of this writing). Whatever niche you may choose to make your Facebook page to be about, you are bound to get viewers to it, if you work on it.

Second is interaction. On Facebook, you can engage directly with your visitors, fans, followers, etc. You can build a brand and even monetize your page.

What niche should you choose for your Facebook page?

It’s not hard to find a niche to use as the main theme of your Facebook page. You can go it a few different ways. If you have no clue as to what niche you want to create a page about, you can do an online search for the most popular ones. It’s better to stick with popular ones that are currently getting other folks on Facebook likes, clicks, comments, etc. Why try to create a page about a niche that has little interest online unless you have a specific reason to do so? If you already know what you want your page to be about, then that is terrific. However, it still would be good to research just how popular the niche is and how well it will be received by your audience.

The best way to choose a niche, in my opinion, is to start with something you are passionate about. I suggest this for the following reasons.

  1. Creating a Facebook page about something you are passionate about makes it much easier to work with. There is nothing more tedious than trying to create, share, promote and maintain a FB page with a niche does not excite you or make you look forward to working on it. It will get old for you way before you can make it popular or successful! If you can make it successful, then you are stuck maintaining something you are bored with or even will dread after some time.
  2. Creating a Facebook page about something you are passionate about makes it much easier to find people who like the niche, too. After all, you join and like other FB pages mostly because you are interested in the niche (or topic) the page focuses on, right? Well, did you know you can now like, join, and comment on other Facebook pages as your own Facebook page, as well as your main profile? Well, now you can!
  3. Creating a Facebook page about something you are passionate about makes it much easier to find, create and add quality content to! It can be more of a joy than a chore to do this, day in and day out, as your page grows in popularity!

If you’d like to dive deeper into Facebook Pages and how they can expand your horizons, keep reading. But first, let me introduce you to the niche I chose. You see, I love cats. My wife, Leah, and I have 8 of them!

As I mentioned earlier, this is why I created the page called We Love Cats Forever. This is a screenshot of how the page currently looks.

Now getting back to a deeper dive into Facebook Pages.

I am happy to announce that, as I write this, I am right now in the middle of creating my first Warrior Plus IM Product under the tutelage of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success. It is called “Breakthrough – Facebook Pages Traffic”.

In this new IM product, there are 6 chapters that go much deeper into this topic of Facebook Pages. Here is a partial list.

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Researching Your Niche
  • Create a Business/Niche Page
  • Generate Buzz About Your Page
  • You Must Regularly Post Content
  • Types of Content
  • Sources for Content
  • What to Post
  • What Not to Post
  • Include a Mix of Content and Calls to
  • Action Types of Calls to Action
  • Liking/Joining Similar Niche Pages
  • Finding/Joining Pages as Your Page
  • Commenting/Liking Posts as Your Page
  • Commenting/Liking Posts as Your Page – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Being Consistent
  • Posting Daily
  • Paid Traffic – Boosting Your Posts
  • What Posts to Boost
  • Types of Content
  • When to Boost Posts
  • How to Boost Your Posts
  • and much more!

As you can see from the partial list above that I really dive deep into Facebook Page creation and traffic. I mention at the bottom of this post how you can stay in touch with me to learn the launch date of my product.

John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success has been such a great tool for me in creating this product. What I have learned, thus far, is life changing, as far as I am concerned. Everything, from creating my personal blog: James Sancimino Online the right way, to growing a following online, to creating this first product (of many to follow) with the professional experienced help provided by John and his the step by step modules, has been top notch! I want to add that John’s presentation of the videos in PTS is quite easy to understand and follow.
Important! I will be updating everyone who visits my blog about the progress and launch date of “Breakthrough – Facebook Pages Traffic”, so I hope you will take a minute to visit my blog and subscribe to it.

In the meantime, go ahead and create that first Facebook page, if you have not already. You may find it will become an incredibly fun, rewarding and even lucrative endeavor! If you get stuck or just want your page to be the best it can be, my upcoming product can and will help you get it done.

Thanks for reading.

This Blog post was also featured here as a guest post: https://www.johnthornhill.com/blog/turn-your-passion-into-a-facebook-page-and-expand-your-horizons/